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  • May 15, 2017
    #SeLomasScopes #TumblrScopes #Celestial #horoscopes ~Gemini With a conjunction of Uranus, you will have a chancevto use your energy, either positively or negatively, so draw on your confidence- when helping yourself, or either someone else; face 12th house issues of somewhat costly addictive behaviors.* ~Taurus The suns’ semisextile with Uranus, brings an unseen opportunity to the forefront of your life, so use your individuality, to make the best of a chance you have to reach a specific goal, within your 11th house of hopes.* ~Pisces Uranus & your 10th house of public image, are encouraging you, as you take an inventive leap, in an area of public relations.* ~Aquarius The moon, in conjunction with Mars, is bringing together elements of how you feel, along with your confidence, as you make a decision that is related to your 8th or 9th houses, of resources and travel/journey.* ~Capricorn Jupiter, in conjunction with Neptune & your 7th house, have created a powerful scenario, where good news meets with an idealostic expectation that you hold.* ~Sagittarius Mercurys’ trine, with Saturn, brings a meeting between your natural abilities & a choice that you have encountered, within your 6th house of health related issues; in order to try practical solutions- for whatever ails you, or someone else.* ~Scorpio The sun, in a trine with Pluto, intices you to seek out comfort, possibly through the power that is reflected in change, within your 5th house of children.* ~Virgo Jupiter, along with the moons’ influence, is apt to have you wearing your mood high- on your sleeve, for any & everyone to see; when it comes to concerns that youre facing, within your 4th house of home & parents.* ~Leo A conjunction with Mars, is likely to find you highly energized, as you graciously concider someone elses’ generosity, stemming from an area of your 2nd or 3rd houses of material possessions, of travel and education, respectively.* ~Cancer Your 1st house, of appearance & personality, is what’s drawing others toward you, long enough for them to hear an explanation of your beliefs, which can be a source of sturdy inspiration.* ~Aries Venus is in a sextile with Mars, so you’re apt to find that an opportunity, stemming from your 10th house of reputation, or issues relating to government affairs, can be particarly alluring, now.* ~Libra Jupiter, in conjunction with Neptune, has highlighted happenings, concerning you, within this time period, as being one where your good fortune is unselfishly shared within the ranks of your 4th house of home & parents.*
  • May 11, 2017
    <a href="https://m.facebook.com" rel="nofollow">https://m.facebook.com</a>/story.php?story_fbid=1820077114985779&amp;id=1819878768338947 #astrology
  • May 11, 2017
    Status Update
  • May 11, 2017
  • May 10, 2017
  • May 10, 2017
  • May 10, 2017
    #SelomasScopes #horoscopes #Aquarius The sun, in a trine with Pluto, is bringing together harmonious aspects of who you are, with what you can do; or rather what you feel comfortable doing- as far as reconciling what your capabilities are, as you continue to effectively communicate, touch bases &amp; mingle with others. #Leo Your 3rd house is putting fate approved, travel; &amp;/or over-due conversations, with a sibling, on the table. #Scorpio Your 12th house of clandestine affairs, is the most potent thing that you seem to have going on, at this moment, which you're contributing your energies to. #Taurus Your 11th house is factoring, prominently, within your life, as you direct your attention to the various choices that you face, while giving consideration to spending your hard earned money, on purchases that are important to you. #Libra Your 5th house of children is being highlighted, now, above all else, as you advise, in certain matters and help others to adjust, in some manner. #Aries Uranus &amp; Venus, and your 11th house inspired situation, may find you making a decision, about something that concerns monies from your career, &amp;/or a situation with adopted children, or a younger individual, who you could take under your wing, in a sense. #Sagittarius Your 6th house, is bringing together issues that are directly related to your health &amp; habits, and you could find yourself cementing the decisions that you've made, as time tests your resolve, in this matter. #Pisces Your 10th house may place you within a scenario that has you inclined to seek out the basic similarities, as well as differences that you find, in someone who you've viewed as an authority figure, at some point in your life- as you possibly relate to the position of others. #Cancer Mercury, which is in a trine with Saturn, is highlighting the easy, harmonic qualities of your natural ability, to communicate with someome , in an effective manner, possibly on your job, where it has been most needed. #Virgo Vibrations, from Saturn, are likely to have you focused on ways in which you'd like to express feelings that have challenged, or perhaps, made you feel a bit limited, in some way; as you relate to, or advise someone else. #Gemini Your 12th house of illusion &amp; clandestine affairs, may have you facing certain decisions, in relation to these portions of your life &amp; taking time out to explore how you feel, about the results of certain situations that have transpired. #Capricorn You may fimd yourself within the comforting company of one or more of your elders, or perhaps, older relatives, as your 7th house, of grandparents and/or the public, is placing an emphasis in this area, therefore, these particular topics may come to mind.
  • May 08, 2017
  • May 08, 2017

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Apr 30, 2017
That's just #Grimey <a href="http://wkrn.com" rel="nofollow">http://wkrn.com</a>/2017/04/30/flower-shop-owner-accused-of-stealing-plants-from-cemetery/amp/ lol Guess the flower shop owner said, 'hey, they dont need them'. As the saying goes, give me flowers, while I'm living.
Apr 27, 2017
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